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Sep 30




Thanks guys, I needed this talk

lianarainbow50, here’s to you.

I was definitely NOT expecting the last one oh my G O D 

Sep 30


youre a 10 and i look like im 10

Sep 30

Sep 29


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I got pictures of my fancy tier Tarrlok cosplay at Fanime back from EBK, I’m so glad my wig fixed up as well as it did.

Wearing this (and creeping hardcore on Korra cosplayers) was a ridiculous amount of fun you guys don’t even know. I just wish I could have worn it with the rest of my group (Fancy Asami, Korra, Mako) for the ball on Saturday night. 

Sep 29

Aoba: Huuuuuh….
Noiz: What, shut up.

Sep 29


"Bite it."

Requested by tsunbears.

Sep 29


EDIT: I made it so that you can actually hear it now.

Friendly reminder that Noiz made this sound.

Sep 29


Full scene of Mink and Aoba in the Re:connect—with sound effects—starting just before the choices and continuing with the second one. 6 minutes.

Requested by anon. Translation under cut.

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Sep 29


[Bryan Koneitzko] has some fantastic ideas. One was to make Before, the piece for the backstory of the brothers in Legend of Korra, a duet: the cello representing Noatak and the Erhu representing Tarrlok. 

~ Jeremy Zuckerman on creating Before [x] [x]

Sep 29


Suicides in Avatar.